Allows students to easily create beautiful presentations that are as poetic as its name implies.

Submitted 6 years ago
Kathleen S.
Kathleen S.
Archbishop Ryan High School
Philadelphia PA, US
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My Take

I like this product for its simplicity, elegance, and usefulness. It supports teaching students to create presentations that foster extemporaneous explanation instead of reading from the slides. It exports beautifully to various social media sites and is easy to send in an email. I would like to see a little more with how to use the features of the tool box.

How I Use It

Students in my Digital Literacy class first use Haiku Deck to present a memoir. They are required to choose one aspect of their life and create a limited "Story of My Life" as their first digital project. The templates and available photos and art are awesome, and Haiku Deck allows students to import their own photos for use as well. Since I like to get students started with a project before I have the opportunity to teach about copyright, what I really like is this program allows students to access wonderful photos without the need to go online. Another thing I like is that the slides do not allow that much typing, so it sets the students up to carefully choose their text. This results is students creating presentations that can be stand alones or used in a live presentation. However, when it is used for a live presentation, the brevity of the text fosters extemporaneous speaking, instead of reading from the screen.