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Handy App for all students to make collages.

Very simple to use and quickly became one of my students most favorite apps to create posters and smash together with other apps to share the learning.
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This app was very easy to manage! Perfect for younger students, especially those who are interested in photography and editing at a young age. The app allows you to take photos, upload photos, edit, make a collage, use special effects, and more.

My overall opinion is that this app is perfect for young photographers and artists. It is not good for professional use, but for younger students who want to have fun and learn about photography.
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Great Tool for Manipulating Pics

Photo Grid Collage Maker is a great tool for sharing and working with the students' pictures. It provides a means of manipulating photos without purchasing or teaching photo programs. It would benefit students more if it had a clear help function, or voice directions. Students needs to be familiar with the app to use it to its fullest potential.
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Fun Way to Make Infographics

This app suited my needs perfectly! I wanted a tool that would allow students to easily create an infographic "poster" that they could then upload to VoiceThread be shared with others in their class. Since PhotoGrid saves finished projects as images to the camera roll, we were able to easily access student infographics for uploading. The app took no setup since it didn't require accounts and students needed very little in the way of instructions to be able to use it. We only used the grid and PinBoard layouts, but I plan to also try the Video Slides in the future. I LOVE that you can add music from either your own library or use the default PhotoGrid song which will be a big timesaver in a crunch. Video Slides also allow for the use of transitions and timing changes which impressed me. The best thing about the app is how simple it is to use and how quickly students can create a digital product to be used in various ways. While there are certainly tools that allow for more customized products, I am more than satisfied with PhotoGrid and plan to continue using it with the students in my district.
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Quick and easy, but not the deepest learning tool.

This app is a great tool for certain jobs, but I don't feel that it is a heavy-use tool for my classroom. As with any tool, it's effectiveness is dependent on the abilities and creativity of the user. That said, I am happy to have this in my toolbox. If I want to change up my or my students' presentation style, I can do that without much difficulty.
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Photo Grid is a fabulous, simple photo collage creator.

Photo Grid is an intuitive, simple app that allows students to manipulate photos with features such as adding borders, adding stickers, changing the filter, and changing the background. It has lots of features that can allow students to be very creative. Because it is free, students can install it to their device and work from home. Making a collage is the type of homework they will want to complete. Overall, it is a great app! The ads are quite large and annoying. This didn't stop the students from completing the task. I did click on an ad on accident multiple times.
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Efficient photo manipulation with some distraction.

Since my school employs 1:1 Chromebooks, my students can only access this app if they bring their own iOS or Android device. Considering that there are many other free apps out there that do the same thing, I would not recommend this app for schools using Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. The ads that appear at the top are also obtrusive and distract from the experience. If your school uses iPads, Photo Grid could be a great teacher tool for building vocabulary or creating eye catching visual components to your lessons.
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Educational PhotoCollages in a Snap!

Photo collages can be used to show learning, as well as document memorable events. Students can add photo captions using speech bubbles or simple text boxes. What an engaging way to bring history alive in a social studies lesson! My guess is that there are more educational applications that students would come up with, as this app allows for students to really use their imagination and creativity.
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