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Good tool -- Could be improved

Time Toast is a simple to use "timeline" tool that students can use to display sequential events. While simple to get going, it can be time consuming if you are including repeating events that all need to be inserted individually as the program does not allow for duplication or copy/paste options.
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An entertaining interactive website for creating virtual timelines.

Timetoast is an easy to use tool that allows students and teachers alike to add interactivity to the timelines that they create. It is simple to create an account and begin to build your own timeline, or if you prefer, to search for projects built by other members. Timetoast has a fairly intuitive interface and can be embedded into other websites without much trouble. As a teaching tool, I believe that it is very effective for visual learners as well as students that recall information better when they can creatively design the content. One negative that I have encountered is the time bubbles do not always show all the information that they contain, and it can be difficult to determine if more is hidden within them.
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Pretty good tool for creating a "personal timeline."

This is a nice tool for creating a personal timeline. I like that you can add images to your blocks, however it would be nice if it adjusted on the ends so the time blocks didn't stack up. I particularly like that you can grab an embed code and embed into a wiki, LMS content block, etc.
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A straight-forward method of creating a timeline of your choice.

TimeToast is fairly easy to use but at the expense of not being able to upload video or links to video sharing sites, i.e. YouTube. Not being able to create a timespan before 0 AD is also a problem for those of us who teach Ancient History. I can live without video, but not recording history before 0 is a big issue.
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A basic timline organizer that can be effectively used with multiple levels of students to organize their events and ideas

I have used this tool in multiple settings and it is a good organizer for students to use in grades 3-8 (of course differentiation could be used for many levels as I still have high schoolers that use it!) The tool allows students to create a timeline and upload resources to the particular data points on the line. The flexibility of showing it in a vertical list or horisontal line allows for students to learn about different types of timelines, and then work to create their own. As a teacher, I would like more flexibility in naming the fields that can be used, but the ability to create and share dates, comments, and a primary source is often enough to get students started on a project.
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