An entertaining interactive website for creating virtual timelines.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Timetoast is an easy to use tool that allows students and teachers alike to add interactivity to the timelines that they create. It is simple to create an account and begin to build your own timeline, or if you prefer, to search for projects built by other members. Timetoast has a fairly intuitive interface and can be embedded into other websites without much trouble. As a teaching tool, I believe that it is very effective for visual learners as well as students that recall information better when they can creatively design the content. One negative that I have encountered is the time bubbles do not always show all the information that they contain, and it can be difficult to determine if more is hidden within them.

How I Use It

I have used Timetoast for whole class instruction in conjunction with my SMARTBoard to interactively reveal time periods in history. I have used both timelines that I have created as well as those developed by other members. My students have also used Timetoast to create everything from important historical events, to visuals that accompanied their autobiographies.