A basic timline organizer that can be effectively used with multiple levels of students to organize their events and ideas

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I have used this tool in multiple settings and it is a good organizer for students to use in grades 3-8 (of course differentiation could be used for many levels as I still have high schoolers that use it!) The tool allows students to create a timeline and upload resources to the particular data points on the line. The flexibility of showing it in a vertical list or horisontal line allows for students to learn about different types of timelines, and then work to create their own. As a teacher, I would like more flexibility in naming the fields that can be used, but the ability to create and share dates, comments, and a primary source is often enough to get students started on a project.

How I Use It

I love to use this not only to create timelines, but also to help students organize their thoughts in advance of a presentation or writing activity, and I have students who use this resources to help keep citations organized for their research papers, and speeches, and many who collaborate on one Timetoast to uses as a basis for a group presentation. The information on the timeline can be shared which is a great thing as it can be linked to other presentations, and also share with an authentic audience linke parents on an academic event night.