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A great digital collage platform bringing infographics to the forefront of learning

I love Piktochart as it becomes easier to use with time. Newsletters can be saved as a template to be renamed for a different purpose with different content. Students have used these to collect information and connect to valuable resources.
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Excellent tool for creating posters!

This is a great tool for students. There are so many icons, fonts, and templates available that it is best to have a specific task in mind for students so they don't spend too much time on that setup. This tool is great for both teachers and students to use, ie book reports, country reports, infographics, presentations, etc. There are so many ways to use this tool!
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Your students will be making infographics in a snap!

I would not recommend this for particularly younger children - having used it reasonably successfully at the higher end of primary school it may work as low as Y4 but only then if you have really specific information you want to impart. With over 300 free templates there is bound to be enough to keep your class going, and used as a poster creation tool it has creative possibilities galore. The end result you can produce is a lot more polished and professional than anything you can make in Powerpoint or Word - many teachers' go-to even in 2016 for such tasks. Piktochart is worth a look - your poster for the next bake-sale doesn't need to be curved rainbow Word-Art, although if you're reading these reviews you probably knew that anyway!
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Who needs a book report? Create an infographic instead!

Rather than writing more, my students write less. They have to boil down everything they learn about a subject in an efficient and effective way. Playing with the graphics can waste piles of time, so keep them on task and their work will look great.
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Engaging, vibrant, creative projects or teacher materials with Piktochart

It is a great way to display information using the ready made templates and can easily be adapted to change the icons and graphics to whatever your needs are, whether in education, business, or any area. Students enjoy creating something different with lots of choices for personalizing their work and seeing the different displays of their classmates. It is easy to use, and students really like it for the projects we do, the templates really lend themselves to creating a variety of things from infographics, presentations, flyers and more. The one thing I really like it the presentation mode, and students can still present their work to the class.
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Make Information Visually Delightful!

I am always trying to find new resources for students to use to present information. They get tired of "the same old thing." The free version of Piktograph is great for class projects. If I were to use this for business purposes, I would definitely use the paid Pro version, but it did everything I needed it to do for free. Once in awhile the students would click on something where they had to refresh their screens, but it started them back where they left off because of the automatic save feature. Teachers can also use it as a presentation tool. We too need to "change it up" at times and this is one more tool that is available for free. I don't believe that the watermark left on the presentation is too distracting either. The only criticism I had about the free version is that I can't save it as a pdf, but I can just link to it in Canvas or other LMS. Overall, I rate this product very high and feel you would not go wrong using Piktochart for any presentation.
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Piktochart invites students to look at texts anew

Once students make it through the brainstorming and research phase, they were highly engaged with the webtool and enjoyed making a contemporary infographic. It’s much more exciting and manageable for both teachers and students than traditional posterboard projects. Time on this initial steps may be more important depending on the level of ability and general engagement of your students. If students are likely to experience difficulty, you might suggest specific templates from the start. Moreover the challenge of coming up with numerical “stats,” charts, and other typical graphical representations for a literary work sparked divergent, creative solutions that took the students back to the text and their consideration of their focus topic. Here providing some good models is important (e.g. crunching the number of how many times a word appears in the text, charting which characters say or do what, or pulling key quotes on themes). My students seemed genuinely proud of the professional-looking results. In the end, when displayed, these novel perspectives prompted new ways of looking at the key elements of the text. In the future I would consider whizzing it with a mashup of either QR codes or Thinglink to add more “info” to the “graphic.” Yet, on its own Piktochart infographics can add depth of inquiry to demonstration of understanding as students see and represent.
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Create snazzy visual aids to convey information

Overall, I think Piktochart is an excellent infographic creation tool. I liked that it was easy, simple, and all work could be completed within the Piktochart interface. Adding additional clip art, graphics, and images along with customization of those items would allow for even more creativity. The biggest complaint about Piktochart is there is currently no collaboration feature allowing multiple users to edit the same infographic synchronously.
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Have your students write creatively about the content they are learning.

This product is good for allowing students to create infographics without having to take a lot of time learning how to use the site. Students are able to drag and drop elements onto their infographic to create a visually appealing product. I require students to make a connection to the data they are putting on the infographic ie. How does interest impact students loans--what is the connection between the two? I have had some students say the site did not save their work, but those students are few and tend to be students that do not meet due dates promptly.
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Good Tool for Student-Created Infographics

I think that this tool works well in the hands of tech-savvy students. It was easy for them to figure out and the projects students created were high quality. It worked well as a publication tool for student research. I will definitely encourage my students to use it again and share it with colleagues looking for infographic programs.
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