Have your students write creatively about the content they are learning.

Submitted 8 years ago
Robin R.
Robin R.
Republic High School
Republic MO, US
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This product is good for allowing students to create infographics without having to take a lot of time learning how to use the site. Students are able to drag and drop elements onto their infographic to create a visually appealing product. I require students to make a connection to the data they are putting on the infographic ie. How does interest impact students loans--what is the connection between the two? I have had some students say the site did not save their work, but those students are few and tend to be students that do not meet due dates promptly.

How I Use It

I had students create infographics from research completed in Entrepreneurship on conducting global business. I had Personal Finance students create infographics on debt from students loans, mortgages, vehicle loans, or credit cards. Creating infographics is a great way to have students write in a creative way about what they have learned.