Make Information Visually Delightful!

Submitted 7 years ago
Karen D.
Karen D.
Technology Integrationist
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My Take

I am always trying to find new resources for students to use to present information. They get tired of "the same old thing." The free version of Piktograph is great for class projects. If I were to use this for business purposes, I would definitely use the paid Pro version, but it did everything I needed it to do for free. Once in awhile the students would click on something where they had to refresh their screens, but it started them back where they left off because of the automatic save feature. Teachers can also use it as a presentation tool. We too need to "change it up" at times and this is one more tool that is available for free. I don't believe that the watermark left on the presentation is too distracting either. The only criticism I had about the free version is that I can't save it as a pdf, but I can just link to it in Canvas or other LMS.
Overall, I rate this product very high and feel you would not go wrong using Piktochart for any presentation.

How I Use It

I used this product in several ways. It is a great tool for students to use to create an infographic, presentation, poster or report. My students used it to create an infographic on their chosen career. They researched the career or occupation including education needed, salary, vacation allowance, etc. They were to present their information in a visual presentation for the class. Students found it easy to use and were excited for all of the free backgrounds, pictures, picture frames, logos and fun shapes and lines that were available.
Another class used the presentation templates to share their research for a national monument project. This was an older age group of students and they were as excited about it as the younger students. They easily added their own photos using the upload tool and could link out to specific web resources. Both groups gave the tool high ratings.