Good Tool for Student-Created Infographics

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I think that this tool works well in the hands of tech-savvy students. It was easy for them to figure out and the projects students created were high quality. It worked well as a publication tool for student research. I will definitely encourage my students to use it again and share it with colleagues looking for infographic programs.

How I Use It

After my students conducted research projects, they were able to choose a program of their choice to create infographics (digital posters of their information). I allowed them to play with different programs first to decide which one they wanted to use and the majority of my 8th graders went with Piktochart because they liked how they could log in with their school google accounts and that it was easy to save and publish their work. The infographics they created looked professional and blew me away. Students were able to change color backgrounds, text fonts, and layouts easily. In addition, they were able to select from the limited list of templates that served their purpose (compare/contrast, etc) and then modify them with images and clip art that fit their research topics. They were also able to upload their own images easily.

One limitation is that there are not many free templates, but tech-savvy students were able to create their own and work around this.