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Es como armar un rompecabezas un web o sitio para armar y subir la información permanente

En la enseñanza a los niños le va encantar ya que tengan un reposorio de sus videos favoritos sus imágenes lo pueden publicar o solo reservarlos para ellos para hacer un anuario ( lo que hicieron en el año ) o un portafolio de trabajos, hobbies, necearía mente de conocer, subir un portafolio o un curriculum necesario o para hacer una satisfacción. que benecitos: tener un a pagina gratuita , tener enlace para compartir y es google.
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New Google Sites!

Google Sites is a great tool to give students an alternative way to present their projects. It can also serve as a portfolio, escape room, or basic website. I like this tool because it is easy to use. With a few clicks you have a great looking website. And... being part of GSuite it connects to all the Google products like; Dive, Forms, and Docs. The last feature I want to mention is the ability to search for images directly from Google Sites. You can search images to add to your site and the best part is that it only selects images that are labeled for reuse!
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Old Sites and New Sites--Like Night and Day

Google Sites has power as a teaching and curation tool for students to show what they have learned, or for you to manage your learning environment. If you're looking for just a management tool, Google Classroom is your answer--not Google Sites. However, if you want to get students involved in creation, Google Sites can get it done. Be sure to play around with it to see all the quirks, especially if you're using the "old" side. Some of the things you'll need are buried within strange places in the interface.
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Simple way to allow students to create digital portfolios

I liked it because it showed the students how to create an online website, and it was free. It offered a free online website for students. They were able to learn certain techniques of web design such as embedding links and images. I didn't like it because I would have liked to go further into HTML and CSS, but the platform doesn't allow any code modification. Therefore, students couldn't progress further into web development.
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Interactive propaganda using Google Sites!

Google sites is an awesome classroom tool! Not only do I have my own classroom webpage through Google sites, but my students create their own pages to use as portfolios and catalogs of writing and research. I really like the aspect of "blogging" for reflection because it allows the students to collaborate- online- in a professional manner. They are able to do this outside of class which frees up class time for other learning activities.
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Student ePortfolio Tool

After researching other ePortfolio tools, nothing was as dynamic as Google Sites in terms of what could be done. What makes this an even more obvious choice, is the reality that we do not have to pay anything extra for this like some other portfolio apps require, because it is a part of our GAFE tools. In order for teachers and administrators to be able to monitor and keep up with what is going on on these sites, however, I would strongly suggest using SiteMaestro (Google Sheets add-on) to create these sites, because it gives you the ability to set up ownership settings in a much easier manner.
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Create a website for your class

My site looks very clean and my materials are very organized. I prefer this over Google Classroom as I don't need a constant feed, and I don't really need something for Google Docs, Forms, etc. submissions. I simply needed somewhere to store class information such as useful links, class codes for different websites we use, etc. Sites could be easier to use. It took some time to play around with everything to get it to appear the way I wanted. I've used Weebly (not for school) before, and it was much easier, but I really want to transition to Google as much as possible for a variety of reasons. I also found Blackboard to be easier when I used it in the past, but was not interested in using it for reasons such as cost, interface, etc. If you are looking for a basic website, Google Sites can be great, just be prepared to take some time to learn about its features. I initially entertained the idea of using Sites to create digital student portfolios, but I cannot imagine having my students use this. They would get frustrated very quickly, I think, and while I encourage them to persevere, I think they'd become so frustrated with this that it would prove to be a barrier to learning.
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You don't have to know code, but it's still a little "techie."

You really have to dig deep and explore for a while before you can make a site that doesn't look like every other basic site online. Get a tiny url for people to use, since the URL you get from google can be cumbersome. It's not full of glitter, but if you want a quick website to call your own, this is it.
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Good on a computer but mediocre when editing on an iPad

Engagement and pedagogy depend on the task or project students are asked to do not the tool itself. If students have Google Apps for Education accounts, the option to publish pages to only the class, only members of the school, or to anyone on the Internet is great. While multiple students could collaborate on a page, Sites is better when only one student at a time will be editing a particular page. (A set of pages each edited by different students in a class works fine.) Sites does not have the ability for more than one person to simultaneously edit a page. Google Drive is still the best option for that. However, Sites does provide the opportunity to present an organized collection of pages much better than Drive. While I have not done that, I could see a student or two being designed at the organizers of site whose content was produced by a bunch of students. The tool would serve the students and teachers in my school better if the iPad experience was improved especially with regard to embedding media.
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WYSIWYG website or eportfolio creation tool that integrates with Google products

Students needed much guidance, video and site getting started with using templates, banners, themes, use of columns and adding content. However, once this initial training was complete, they were quite to build and create their sites. The badges worked well but I had to work hard with 36 sites to monitor and award banners. However, this site was a great tools to allow students create decent sites without having to know any (or very little) hmtl coding.
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