Student ePortfolio Tool

Submitted 6 years ago
Brad  W.
Brad W.
Fort Couch Middle School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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After researching other ePortfolio tools, nothing was as dynamic as Google Sites in terms of what could be done. What makes this an even more obvious choice, is the reality that we do not have to pay anything extra for this like some other portfolio apps require, because it is a part of our GAFE tools. In order for teachers and administrators to be able to monitor and keep up with what is going on on these sites, however, I would strongly suggest using SiteMaestro (Google Sheets add-on) to create these sites, because it gives you the ability to set up ownership settings in a much easier manner.

How I Use It

We use Google Sites as the tool of choice for our student ePortfolios. In specific, students are using their individually created Google Site to warehouse work and reflections. The site template was created centrally and duplicated for all students to make the transition easy. Our students all have GAFE (Google Apps for Education) accounts which makes this feasible, and also very easy for them to upload work from. The setup of the sites that we use makes it so that all reflection pages are organized in the "Announcement" format to set up their individual portfolios in an organized blog-like format within each subject area. This approach has been piloted with students in our district for quite a few years in our World Language department, and now is being spread across all disciplines with a focus on growth in specific areas within each discipline.