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Clean interface, authoritative, to-the-point

For quick reference, the mobile app is faster than logging on to the excellent website version and keeps the favorites list for personalization and review. There's really no fluff, just clear definitions, and interesting facts. The Word-of-the-Day narratives are usually engaging, and encourage students to think about how words and their meanings develop and continue to develop. The audio pronunciations are a great aid, especially with high school vocabulary and SAT practice. The app also allows students to copy and share definitions to notes or social media.
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Great tool for research, pronunciation and vocabulary growth.

The dictionary is good for what it is designed. It provides word pronunciation, part of speech and various definitions and usages. There are various third party uses for dictionaries, but the website doesn't provide any activities or extension. It is a tool to help you understand words and word meanings. Just like any tool, it only works if our students use the tool.
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Great online tool.

Great tool to engage students! All Media Centers should be using this online tool for our 21st century learners. I love how I don't need internet access for the dictionary and also the word of the day function. It's helpful to be able to save words as favorites as well. My only complaint is the synonyms. There are very few or none on some words, and most do not have antonyms. None have near synonyms or near antonyms, which would be useful. Other than that, very helpful. Love the voice action for spelling purposes. However, a spell check type of recognition on a word search would be helpful.
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Meeting 21st Century Skills

This App is is AWESOME! It allows tremendous flexibility based on the learners needs to experience, learn, & explore while meeting the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) with CCSS (Common Core Student Standards).
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Useful resource for vocabulary acquisition

Having an online dictionary is a great reference tool for classes/schools that allow technology use with BYOD devices and/or classroom computers.
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A quick, useful resource for finding definitions and synonyms.

A useful resource, especially when paper dictionaries are not available, or with young students or ELL. The audio feature allows you to speak the word you are looking for, so you don't need to know the spelling. It will also read the word to you. It is only text, no graphics.
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I guess only people of a certain age who remember wrought-iron dictionary stands to hold the reference to me will be amazed that those 50 pound dictionaries can now be squeezed down into a small device that fits in your pocket. But it is amazing nonetheless to be able to walk down the street with the entire English language in your pocket. It's a dictionary, except you don't have to flip through pages with guide words at the top. Just type in the word, and the definition appears. You can also speak the word, but like most voice recognition software, it's not very accurate. It also gives you a word of the day.
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Versatile on the go dictionary with audio feature

The Merriam Dictionary app is a handy, on the go word reference that helps students expand their vocabulary by allowing them to look up words any time, any place. In fact, the dictionary can be used offline so you don't even necessarily need an internet connection to use it. But the best feature is the audio feature, which allows students to look up a word by speaking it. This is a great tool for helping students who don't necessarily know how to spell a word look it up and learn!
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