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David  B.
David B.
K–12 school
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I guess only people of a certain age who remember wrought-iron dictionary stands to hold the reference to me will be amazed that those 50 pound dictionaries can now be squeezed down into a small device that fits in your pocket. But it is amazing nonetheless to be able to walk down the street with the entire English language in your pocket. It's a dictionary, except you don't have to flip through pages with guide words at the top. Just type in the word, and the definition appears. You can also speak the word, but like most voice recognition software, it's not very accurate. It also gives you a word of the day.

How I Use It

I would use this app anytime students needed a dictionary. Which, even when dictionaries were made from trees, wasn't often. Dictionaries only provide limited support to students who have low literacy, or for whom English is not their first language. Reading more words to describe the target word is not always very helpful. With the ability to include audio-visual examples, I'm sure there are other dictionaries that are more robust and engaging. But for a free app, that students could have with them on field trips, it's not a bad tool.