Great tool for research, pronunciation and vocabulary growth.

Submitted 8 years ago
Joe T.
Joe T.
Cabell Midland High School
Ona WV, US
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The dictionary is good for what it is designed. It provides word pronunciation, part of speech and various definitions and usages. There are various third party uses for dictionaries, but the website doesn't provide any activities or extension. It is a tool to help you understand words and word meanings. Just like any tool, it only works if our students use the tool.

How I Use It

Building academic vocabulary is essential in college and career readiness. The Webster's website provides wordage that enables students to build his/her vocabulary and understand grade level terminology being used both in Common Core assessments and in the working world. It is used to develop a word of the day and used in context with the students in my classroom.
I use it for content specific vocabulary also. Students are required not only to know a particular definition for a word, but also the application of the word in a specific context.