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Engaging way to deliver content!

I really enjoy this tool! I use it all the time in my classroom! I love that the videos are easy for my students to understand and the videos connect really well to the standards I have to teach. The characters and the humor in the videos make it entertaining to my students. I love that there are comprehension questions after the video that can help me recognize whether my students understand the content or not.
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Very well done and has adequate content that can be built upon. The humor, though cheesy, gets a chuckle every time my students get the joke.

I think it's an excellent tool for students to learn from. The assessment that they have is wonky and cumbersome. I used hard copies. Just watch the video before showing it to the students.
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Make Your Brain Pop with Knowledge!!

BrainPop is a great teaching tool. I especially like the various topics which are aligned to standards and that it serves all the students from my assessments. The students are totally engaged and actually ask for to watch the various clips regularly. The new add-ons such as concept mapping and Snap thought require a computer which may seem daunting for a classroom environment. Therefore I would suggest using a graphic organizer and have the students jot down specific key concepts as the teacher stops the video clip a various intervals. The guided questions will aid them in the completion of the maps.
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Great for interdisciplinary

I love it because it contains many different subjects. I am not good in social studies, but I want my lessons to be interdisciplinary, so I search the math topics and try to find something related to the topic from other subjects. I learn things about other subjects. Thus, not only the students are learning from the BrainPop, I lam earning from it too. Another thing I like about BrainPop is that it provides quizzes at the end of the videos. It checks students’ understanding. My students and I love BrainPop.
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Power up your brain!

I really enjoy Brainpop activities and movies. I know my students are learning in a safe environment and the content is age appropriate for the classroom.
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Simple visuals to build understanding

Students can view videos at their own pace, pausing or reviewing content as desired. Quizzes available at the end of a video test student knowledge, giving immediate feedback, with a total score presented at the conclusion. The visuals are simple and avoid distracting attention from content.
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Videos maintain short, engaging focus on basic concepts!

I love the way the videos are to the point - without a lot of fluff! Kids love them.
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Brain Pop as an Extension Tool

I loved that many of the videos were free with out a subscription. Because my students have special needs, it would be nice if there was a way to have the quiz at the end of the movie read aloud to the student.
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Excellent for introducing topics.

It is meant to only open a topic for discussion. The real lesson I believe is done after watching. The discussions ignited from watching the movie is how it is used as a teaching tool. One thing I do like about Brainpop is how appealing it is for the kids. I believe the banter with Moby engages certain visual learners who normally would not be interested. It would be nice if there were some followup lessons or activities included with the videos. Currently all they have a multiple choice quiz. Another huge positive about this app is the large number of subject related videos. Brainpop covers a very wide spectrum of topics, including digital citizenship.
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kids can't wait to take the quiz at the end of the video

I like the ease of using this product and the kids response to it.
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