Make Your Brain Pop with Knowledge!!

Submitted 6 years ago
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BrainPop is a great teaching tool. I especially like the various topics which are aligned to standards and that it serves all the students from my assessments. The students are totally engaged and actually ask for to watch the various clips regularly. The new add-ons such as concept mapping and Snap thought require a computer which may seem daunting for a classroom environment. Therefore I would suggest using a graphic organizer and have the students jot down specific key concepts as the teacher stops the video clip a various intervals. The guided questions will aid them in the completion of the maps.

How I Use It

Brain Pop continues to increase in their product. The feature of Make a Map is a great addition to the movie clips. As a technology instructor I am able to allow the students to utilize the computers in the lab. I preview the movie and set up guided questions including the support features available through Brain Pop. ( Check out the FYI section for more on the site).