Teacher Review for Typing.com

TypingWeb Improves Typing Speed

Marlene M.
Classroom teacher
IS 187
Brooklyn, United States
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My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Further application
Student-driven work
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
Students start the lessons in class and then complete them for homework. They like being able to log into their account and see their progress. Each student has a trophy case to show their progress. I love being able to make classes in typingweb. I can easily check on the students' progress and I am also able to progress reports to parents. The reports that you can print in typingweb are valuable in pinpointing who needs your help and who can work more independently. This is the type of program that works well for students of all abilities. One of the things you may want to do is disable the leaderboard. The leaderboard shows the whole class who is the fastest typists. At the beginning of the year, this causes stress with students because they want to be at the top of the leaderboard. As the year progresses, they enjoy seeing students move up the leaderboard and even encourage one another. If you decide to use typingweb, before your students begin the lessons, have them take a typingtest. This helps show the progress for the year!
My Take
In NY, a Common Core Standard for middle school students is to be able to type three pages in one period. Typingweb shows students how to position their hands on the keyboard. We have been using this site for several months and we have seen considerable gains in typing speed. Some students started at 15 WPM and are now at 100 WPM - most students are at 35-40 WPM.