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Simple to use for typing

Useful website for keyboard practice for anyone who is starting out typing or those who want to improve their typing skills. Entertaining games for students to reinforce their typing skills.
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Decent website

It is a decent app, even though most of the grammar is very incorrect and I recommend anything else than this website
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The Most Perfect Typing App Available!

As I stated above, I completely recommend this product but it does come with a small glitch that most programs also have - ads. All of the ads are tiny and not very distracting at all (our kids were not bothered) but we did have an issue that if the student had used their school domain address to visit inappropriate sites that information search would generate inappropriate ads on their platform. This isn't necessarily a product issue, but it is a danger to be aware of on any product that has ads in it. Would be great if apps could go ad free but that only exists if a fee is charged for the product. I would MUCH rather see the tool remain free to users than any kind of subscription program.
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Inappropriate words

Avoid this one if you are concerned about appropriate content, and it also has non-standard American English spellings as well.
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Great teaching tool for keyboarding.

I really like this product and I think it is a great teaching tool. I like that I can track each students progress.
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Excellent free product NEW ONLINE NAME

The setup is simple and easy. BEST point: NO EMAIL ACCOUNT is required. Importing enrollment list from a spreadsheet can be done by class, grade or as one unit. PW are assigned but can be changed very easily. We have a very strict policy regarding usernames on accounts so could only use first names. I named every child with their first name and the school initials, all one word, no caps or spaces. Duplicates were distinguished by use of classroom number. (Children are assigned a number order that reflects the class alpha order. We use THAT number in their username and have, so far not had a lot of duplication. I think one, last year in the entire enrollment. One issue that I see is that they can, at any time access the arcade, and I cannot always see, whether they were awarded that game time for achievement or they (self assigned and) got into the arcade instead of the lessons, on their own. Luckily, most of my students will tell the truth if I ask and I can confirm when they say they spent 7 minutes on an exercise, by checking a report for time on task. On the days when the network was down we were able to continue practice using the old, previously installed hard drive keyboarding program, but they did prefer the more modern
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Free Typing Program that students enjoy!

I would definitely use this if your school does not have a typing software. I also think that it is great for practice at home. The students definitely enjoyed practicing and earning the trophies. Once a month, we would hold a typing contest to see how fast we could type CORRECTLY. For a free service, it is definitely worth using. I would not pay for it though.
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Great typing practice and sophistication tool with data tracking, typing tests and individualized results. Teachers create classes and student accounts by signing up. Completely free with ads, use adblock. Courses and games make it attractive to most.

The service is a great way to motivate students to do independent practice. Rewards motivate learners to compete with each other. Helps learners understand efficient typing techniques. Most students genuinely improve their typing skills using it regularly. Would be fantastic to have the ability to generate customized typing tests, specially without having to pay for premium.
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Clean, clear typing practice for every level!

I think it is great to have a free typing tool that takes away all the bells and whistles. Many of the typing games that are in full color with sharks or cartoon characters, etc. overstimulate the brain and make the task harder. For some, the characters/game formats are helpful, but this is the old school typing format that quickly gives results and lets kids practice typing without distractions. The only downside is having to create a log-in. I guide students in creating a "dummy" account for school items like this with a password they won't forget.
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Great website for individual development of keyboarding skills.

I liked this tool because my students can use it in or outside the classroom (and many tell me that they do!).. Students in our district do not received proper keyboarding instruction until high school, so this is one way that I can teach/reinforce those skills. I have had parents who have asked me to recommend a keyboarding program their children can work on at home, and I have referred them to this website. Parents and children both love it.
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