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Classroom Management Apps and Websites

Keeping your students' attention, guiding them through lessons, and making sure the classroom environment is respectful, supportive, and productive takes constant effort and sucks a lot of time and energy out of your day. These great classroom management tools can be your time-saving and energy-freeing sidekicks, helping you instantly deliver and assess learning, create seating charts, improve students' behavior, and set timed tasks to make your classroom run like a well-oiled machine. Plus, some of these products can help you manage class discussion, even asynchronously, and get a clearer picture of participation. 

Once you've found a few great classroom management tools, head over to our Teaching Strategies page dedicated to helping you Set Up Your Digital Classroom for Success.

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Class Charts

Seating chart system makes managing classroom behavior simple

Bottom line: An easy-to-use, engaging tool for managing student behavior and participation, especially if you focus on the positive.

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Exemplar bridge between home and school also aids learning

Bottom line: When used thoughtfully, ClassDojo can help teachers and families support students' growth through goal-setting, reflection, and celebration.


Flexible, feature-filled LMS facilitates focus on whole child

Bottom line: Being able to access lots of customizable data, group students beyond classes, and communicate easily with families gives teachers a clear picture of each student that they can share.


Full-featured school-to-home communication platform delivers with style

Bottom line: This multifunctional platform connects families, teachers, and students with a ton of features.

Bouncy Balls

Measure classroom sound levels with simple, fun themes

Bottom line: This is a fun tool that offers a silly but possibly effective solution to managing noise levels.


Assign, assist, and assess with real-time, interactive classroom

Bottom line: It's a great option for teachers who want to go paperless, provide specific feedback, and encourage collaboration among students in virtual or 1-to-1 classrooms.

Equity Maps - Chart Dialogue

See who's doing the talking with real-time participation tracker

Bottom line: Used consistently, Equity Maps can be an eye-opening tool for supporting targeted, equitable speaking and listening instruction.

FreshGrade Connect

Multimedia digital portfolios connect students, teachers, and parents

Bottom line: It's designed with student learning in mind, and teachers can encourage students to submit quality content and engage in reflective feedback.


Flexible interactive presentation tool engages kids at school and home

Bottom line: It's great for creating unique interactive lessons customized for every learner, but it might not be accessible for every student.

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Engage and assess students with media, videos, and interactive slides

Bottom line: This is a great tool with a vast content library, and the teacher- or student-paced learning can unlock the potential of 1-to-1 environments.


Free LMS feels rich in offering data-driven differentiated instruction

Bottom line: This teacher-created site solves more problems than it causes, but it will take some up-front professional development to take full advantage.

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Versatile digital portfolio appeals to teachers, students, and parents

Bottom line: A powerful multimedia learning and communication tool that demonstrates student progress over time.

Time Timer

Manage and conceptualize time with great visuals, a few bugs

Bottom line: A decent option for visual timer needs, being sufficiently customizable, but there are still a few bugs and room for improvement.

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Google Classroom

Exceptional, simple communication, collaboration, and document sharing

Bottom line: Though it doesn't have it all, it's an incredible tool for managing and organizing learning.


Minimize classroom distractions with virtual hand-raising tool

Bottom line: An easy way to gauge understanding, adjust instruction, and provide student support in real time.

Classwork Zoom

Keep tabs on student workflow with handy Google extension

Bottom line: Classwork Zoom can be a great tool for any teacher who frequently assigns Google documents.


Asynchronous audio response tool encourages all students to speak up

Bottom line: This tool offers classrooms a space for short, impactful voice-based discussions, but it's lacking some key ways to modify the experience.


Messaging tool helps classrooms forge and foster meaningful dialogue

Bottom line: This tool opens up avenues for conversation and relationship building between teachers and students.


Motivate students and monitor behavior with clever gamified platform

Bottom line: When used thoughtfully, this classroom gamification can encourage positive behavior and develop essential collaboration skills.


Robust lesson creation and delivery tool helps with assessment

Bottom line: In the hands of a determined teacher, this platform's useful suite of tools can support learning experiences that move from instruction to assessment and back.

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Comprehensive discussion platform develops critical-thinking skills

Bottom line: A great tool in any subject or topic for teachers looking to make discussion a central part of their classroom.

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Free LMS for digital classrooms packed with possibilities

Bottom line: This is an LMS that offers rich learning and collaboration experiences when matched with creative tasks and assessments.


Flexible desktop, mobile assignment tool works best with pro features

Bottom line: A flexible way to collect student assignments and offer written and verbal feedback, especially with the premium features.


Feedback tool with great rubrics might work best for older students

Bottom line: With appropriate teacher support, this could be a powerful way to help teach your students about giving and receiving critical feedback.


Great how-to content, flexible features boost digital badge tool

Bottom line: A useful tool for issuing digital badges.


Use a game-inspired classroom structure to offer some autonomy and flexibility

Bottom line: GradeCraft has the potential to revolutionize your classroom by inspiring students to take control of their own learning.


Cool, customizable tool turns notebooks into workspaces

Bottom line: With some scaffolding, this could be a great way to capture, organize, and share info without juggling a class site, notebook, to-do list, and more.


Social hub offers a novel but tricky spin on classroom communication

Bottom line: With some creativity and moderation, this student-loved messaging alternative to Google and Microsoft could be a key extension of your classroom.

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