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Best Classroom Tools for Presentations and Slide Shows

Many students dread presenting or struggle to structure and communicate their ideas successfully. These interactive presentation and slide show apps and websites give them the tools to make their work fun, engaging, and interesting. There also are some great options for teachers to create lessons and presentations with slick multimedia and interactive elements such as video, audio, and embedded assessments. 

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Interactive slide show tool engages students and promotes collaboration

Bottom line: This effective tool leverages the capabilities of 1-to-1 environments and brings slide shows into the 21st century.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Resource-rich video slide-show maker a gem for a variety of classrooms

Bottom line: Easy-to-use free tool is a must-have for elementary classrooms; just keep an eye on sharing and privacy.


Provide instant feedback with collaborative, multimedia assessment tool

Bottom line: Engaging, easy-to-use tool that supports both formative and summative assessment while allowing for student collaboration.


Great kid-friendly tool for research and multimedia slideshow creation

Bottom line: Engaging presentation tool allows teachers, individual students, and collaborative groups to create effective multimedia presentations.


Easy screen-recording tool facilitates outside-the-box teaching

Bottom line: If you're able to access a Chrome product, Screencastify lets teachers and kids communicate in new and creative ways.

Buncee for Education

Easy-to-use slide show tool offers lots of customization

Bottom line: A straightforward presentation-making tool with many features.

Canva - Graphic Design & Photo Editing

Create snazzy designs in seconds with flexible, cloud-based tool

Bottom line: A flexible, accessible way to get kids -- especially design novices -- creating digitally in your classroom if you have stable internet and time to get students set up to be successful.

Explain Everything Classic

Classic version of dynamic presentation tool still excites

Bottom line: Teachers and students can make dynamic presentations that involve different types of media in this innovative, fun app.

Pear Deck

Go beyond the basics with interactive slide shows to assess and engage

Bottom line: While it has some limits, this engaging, useful presentation platform is a great option for formative assessment in one-to-one or BYOD classrooms.

Office Mix

Transformative PPT add-on gives a personal touch to flipped lessons

Bottom line: These engaging, interactive digital lessons can take on a personal, human touch that offers the potential for great learning.

Adobe Spark

Super-flexible design tool for crafting fabulous images, videos, and sites

Bottom line: This free, one-stop shop for creating sleek graphics, web stories, and animated videos is incredibly easy to use and challenges students to think critically about visual presentation.


Robust lesson-creation, presentation tool offers built-in assessment

Bottom line: This powerful tool supports connected and blended learning from instruction to assessment, though it's best used to enhance already great instruction.


Simple, elegant tool for creating presentations on mobile devices

Bottom line: Provides a solid mobile version of Apple's presentation app.


A slick way to share knowledge via interactive timelines and stories

Bottom line: With a super simple design, interactive features, and an imaginative personal approach, it's an easy and flexible tool for all kinds of classrooms.


Create snazzy video slide shows with simple, flexible features

Bottom line: Slick music videos and slide shows are easy to make, but students need more controls to personalize them.

Haiku Deck

Sparse word use and high-impact visuals help focus presentations

Bottom line: Captivating presentations, as long as users know the basics and choose appropriate images

Prezi Classic

Stylish presentation creator with a unique 3D zooming effect

Bottom line: An elegant, flexible alternative to other online slide software tools, but it requires some finesse to make the effective use of the features and infinite canvas.

TouchCast Studio

Cool tool takes videos to next level, but some privacy concerns

Bottom line: TouchCast is a creative tool for students to use to present information, but teachers should monitor use.


Cool tool lets kids collaborate online, create slick presentations

Bottom line: Polished, sleek presentations give kids great opportunities to present, but watch out for privacy and safety concerns.

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