Wolfram Alpha gives students the power to research, compare and generate ideas!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My 6th grade students really like Wolfram Alpha. There is an app and a web presence. Students enjoy comparing information about anything they can think of! Teachers can ask students to focus on a specific item or content area. Graphs are included. Students can think about the information and generate ideas about what might be driving the data. The possibilities are endless!

How I Use It

I use Wolfram Alpha in my math and science classroom most of all. Students compare items such as elements, substances, nutritional information about similar products, etc.! When given the freedom to choose anything at all, most have looked up the popularity of their first names, and mine! Their searches inspire powerful conversations in the classroom!
Additionally, I recommend this app to students if they are finished with assignments. It's very quick to hop on and launch a comparison investigation. I know that students will be learning and having fun when using Wolfram Alpha in my classroom!