One of the Best Online Typing Programs Around

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is an EXCELLENT online, free typing website. It's not Grades 9-12 as the title suggests. I use it with 1st - 6th graders. It's not as animated as Dance Mat Typing, but it's still good (similarly Typing Club is gaining some weight). Setting up a classroom requires NO student emails, which is nice. Setup is the only time you additionally need to start (rather than just visiting the site). Logging in saves progress and it is free, so it's worth it for a class. The games are pretty engaging too. Like most typing games, they don't promote correct finger placement, but they are visual and the kids love them. As far as lessons, there are plenty. Most of my students don't ever make it past all of the beginner lessons. Also, there is a 3-page test that accurately measures your WPM.

How I Use It

I use it daily in the computer lab. I give my students a choice between Dance Mat, Typing Web, and Typing Club. A lot love Typing Web and love that you can choose a skin. I did have a few problems with inappropriate ads, but they resolved them. The only flaws to Typing Web are that the games do not have levels & aren't ranked by ability and the test is very long (I'd prefer a simple 1 minute story).

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