Free, easy, colorful typing practice for students.

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Typingweb is the best typing website I've found on the web to date. Students like it because they can choose a theme for the coloring. There is a cutesy theme, racing theme, military theme, and more. Typingweb offers many courses for students to go through, from basics to more advanced lessons. Some of the best features are the typing games and current news headlines. I also love the ability for students to target their most missed keys with a special lesson on those keys. Typingweb can be your primary typing instructor, or it can just supplement how you teach typing. I will note, there are ads on the free version. I use a browser-based ad-blocker to solve this issue (though, if you have the money, you should give them some - it is well deserved).

How I Use It

I've signed up for a teacher account so I can create and monitor student accounts. I give students their username and passwords. From there, some days when we have extra time I will tell students they can go on any typing game they want (they particularly love NitroType, which is technically a separate website). Some days we go through the structured courses. Typingweb is great for differentiation since students who are more advanced typists can move on to more advanced lessons without you having to specifically go in and assign or approve lessons. I just speak with my more advanced typists and point out the best lessons for them. In the end, we use the Typingweb typing test once every few months to track student progress with their typing.

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