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Price: Free, Paid
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Pros: It's really tailored to educator needs, from the ability to start video clips at the right second to how accessible the site is for kid users.

Cons: If you go for all the features, it can get expensive.

Bottom Line: Students and teachers can benefit from this tidy, easy-to-use organizational tool.

Most of the examples on the Tizmos page are directed toward younger students, but you can use this site for any age and any subject. Teaching a section on slavery in your U.S. History class? Try a flipped classroom activity: Share a curated selection of video clips from pertinent films with your students as homework.

Tizmos allows teachers to organize and bookmark online resources that are then viewable by students. Each link is called a tizmo, and once you've added a tizmo to your page, which begins as a blank corkboard, you're able to do some serious customization.

To create a tizmo, simply click on the green plus sign in the upper right-hand corner menu. A box will appear, and you'll paste or type in the URL of your link, as well as any tags you'd like to add (e.g., English, Science, Geometry, etc.). It will then appear as an image on your page. When students click it, they'll be taken to your chosen site or video.

As a teaching tool, Tizmos could really help integrate online content into study materials or classroom time. Kids should respond well to the way it looks (nice big screenshots and simple interface), and it's very accessible to younger kids who may not have a lot of online experience -- they just click on each tizmo for the information they need instead of hunting all around the Web to find it. And getting to choose where videos begin ensures that there's no wasted time. Additionally, you'll be saving time by organizing tizmos for each class into folders, then accessing media quickly.


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Like many aggregator sites, engagement depends on what you put into it. Fill it with great links, and you're in good shape. Kids should respond well to the clean design and easy interface.


When kids are directed to a teacher-created Tizmos page, they'll be able to see how digital media can be organized, which is something they'll have to do in the very near future. 


It's pretty straightforward in general, but there's lots of help and ideas available on how to use Tizmos for your own needs. Extensions include a blog especially for educators.

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Polly C. Common Sense

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Tizmos is an easy-to-use visual bookmarking site.

Tizmos is a great way for teachers to bookmark sites and share with students, parents, and colleagues with one simple web address. The free version, while sufficient for many needs, does not allow for the richness that this web tool can provide. The paid version allows teachers to have multiple folders (which could be used for different subjects, or topic specific resources) and it also allows for more than 30 tizmos (or bookmarks). I highly recommend a basic tizmos site for early elementary classroom teachers as a visual way for their young readers to be able to work and explore independent of their immediate supervision.

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