Powerful, easy, and free web based CAD software which allows students of different ages to learn about CAD and engineering

Submitted 3 years ago
Adam S.
Adam S.
P.S. 21 Edward Hart School
Flushing NY, US
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My Take

I LOVE this app. I use it often with my students to explore the Engineering Design Process. This can be a resource intensive application, and can slow down older devices, and use up bandwidth. Additionally, if a student creates a very intricate design in Tinkercad, it can take a VERY long time to load, and in the case of my Chromebooks, it can even crash Chrome.

How I Use It

I use it in my STEAM classroom to help in PBL. It is quite a robust application, so there is quite a lot of learning that needs to take place. Fortunately, Tinkercad provides web based tutorials for students to complete, that are project driven. If you spend the time to let the students learn this application, it pays off tenfold in what they can create.