High quality 3D program streamlined for beginner students and educators

Submitted 5 months ago
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My Take

One of the most beneficial resources on the Internet, I think Tinkercad is monumental for students and educators regardless of age. Making 3D design, circuitry, and codeblocks simple yet feature-rich on both web and mobile devices helps promote creativity and also encourage students to learn even if they don't have physical resources for what they design. I like the ease of access to public designs, auto-privacy for students in Tinkercad classes, and ready-made resources for educators and students.

How I Use It

Tinkercad is simple to setup with creating a class, inviting students, setting up lessons and projects with instructions and integration with Google Classroom. Great for courses on 3D Modelling, architecture, and other creative and engineering classes. Classes can also be monitored with Tinkercad's class dashboard and other educators/assistants can help manage the course. Aligning with ISTE, Common Core, and NGSS standards is straightforward with Tinkercad Lesson Plans. Tinkercad also has a guide for teachers to understand how to work with the software for classrooms.