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High quality 3D program streamlined for beginner students and educators

One of the most beneficial resources on the Internet, I think Tinkercad is monumental for students and educators regardless of age. Making 3D design, circuitry, and codeblocks simple yet feature-rich on both web and mobile devices helps promote creativity and also encourage students to learn even if they don't have physical resources for what they design. I like the ease of access to public designs, auto-privacy for students in Tinkercad classes, and ready-made resources for educators and students.
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An excellent simplified 3D software modeling for beginners or students who are interested in 3D model.

It's a great tool for teachers to use in some creative classes related to computers. Kids or students will be very interested in it while studying using computers.
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I like Tinkercad enables a student to be as creative as possible. Once the student goes on their own to discover the possibilities, there is so much that can be done.

I think that Tinkercad enables creativity. Creativity is a craft that is overlooked far too much today and this brings that presence back. I like how the visual field has a 360 view which really can capture everything.
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Great program for learning to model.

Overall this is a great site for begins to learn to model and print projects. Now knowing they teach coding I am definitely going to take advance of it.
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Great tool for those who are just getting into CAD

Overall it is a great tool for hands on learners. On the downside, if someone is used to the classic way of learning where the teacher is giving instructions , there does not seem to be any videos or visual instructions. It mainly seems like a hands on learning experience. It seems like it would be most useful if instructions were given in the traditional sense and then time was also given for students to play around with the website for hands on learning.
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Tinkercad - Education - Anyone Can - 3D design, electronics, and coding

This is the premier game changer for digital design, coding, and circuitry. These software tools that help people all ages think, create and build. I use this Anyone can design, do electronics, and code. Through play and encouragement students and teachers can unlock the passion and untapped skills of a next generation of engineers, designers, dreamers, coders, and entrepreneurs. Tinkercad is the most important tech tool that has the potential to make ground shaking change in education and I encourage each educator to try it today!
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Geometry to 3D Printing

Students need a clear task to complete and this works amazing. Our engineering students use it also.
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Great software for Design and Art classes

If you are designing something for class this is the most intuitive software to use. It is easy to learn for younger students but able to be used for more complex design jobs as well. I use this software for anyone between grades 6 and Year 12 Diploma classes and it is easily adaptable between all levels. I especially like that it is a desktop online tool so students can create a free account and not lose there work.
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Powerful, easy, and free web based CAD software which allows students of different ages to learn about CAD and engineering

I LOVE this app. I use it often with my students to explore the Engineering Design Process. This can be a resource intensive application, and can slow down older devices, and use up bandwidth. Additionally, if a student creates a very intricate design in Tinkercad, it can take a VERY long time to load, and in the case of my Chromebooks, it can even crash Chrome.
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Sooooo slow and dumb