Access to outstanding resources for IB Language and Literature

Submitted 4 years ago
Aaron S.
Aaron S.
Capital High School
Olympia WA, US
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My Take

The only problem with this application is the cost; some departments might not have the spare money for subscriptions to the app for all students. However, Educators should check to see if there is money available for subscriptions from technology funding. I selected and provided some resources to students from the application, and then they used their limited free access to find and print their own articles. I especially recommend the "Reader Center" to any teachers dealing with journalistic ethics, bias, or the decisions and priorities behind news coverage. This is especially useful for Part 2 of the IB Lang Lit curriculum

How I Use It

I use this app for a wide variety of different classroom activities in my Sophomore English and IB Lang Lit Classes. Current Times articles are useful for nonfiction reading assignments, providing a variety of hard news, opinion, and features models for student writing. These can also be useful for assignments identifying thesis, purpose, audience, fact, and opinion. Students in my IB course use the .pdf images of front pages to study layout article selection, and journalistic ethics. The "Reader Center" feature available to subscribers is also a good way to support student learning of text types for Part 2 of the IB Lang Lit curriculum