I use this site for journalism. In the endless effort to have students triangulate sources, this is a good standard baseline of good journalism. I expect my students to be familiar with 3-4 news sources of integrity and their journalistic leanings.

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C S.
C S.
Capital High School
Olympia WA, US
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My Take

I love this site as a teaching tool. It allows for students to pick topics interesting to them for individual or small group research. The only drawback is the pay wall as it requires students to be selective prior to accessing the article itself. If you can get your school to buy a license, it would help alleviate this potential drawback.

How I Use It

I have students trace a topic from its inception to its completion. They track the dates and times, the writers involved, the corresponding images and the media bias types present in each article: source selection bias, placement bias, omission bias... The site works well, there is a paywall after the third article, but I let students know upfront about this and to be careful as they research. The newspaper can be elevated writing, so if students are on the lower end of reading level, they can get overwhelmed- but if they work in teams they can support one another.