A fabulous way for students to play while learning and practicing geometry skills!

Submitted 8 years ago
Susan P.
Susan P.
Meadow Lane Elementary School
Lincoln NE, US
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My Take

This app is presented as a game with levels, stars, potions to buy, and bosses to defeat. In fact, when I started playing I didn't immediately see the math involved. I think this would really pull kids in and get them started in a fun way. The app uses quirky characters and voices, which were sometimes hard to understand, but very fun to interact with. There was often the same text on the screen, so I didn't miss anything.

Once I had played for a short while I started to hear math vocabulary: point, straight line, open shape. As I was playing, I was actually practicing the concepts by drawing a straight line or open shape to destroy characters. The game repeatedly uses the vocabulary word as you create the shape. What a fabulous way for kids to practice geometry!

How I Use It

This app would be best used by individual students in grades 1-5. Younger students will gain valuable geometry vocabulary and older students can practice and reinforce that vocabulary. This could also be used whole group with a projector as a fun way to get students hooked on the topic! Have kids take turns being the iPad driver and discuss what is happening in the game.

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