Teachley: Addimal Adventure

Jungle animals help kids swing into math with single-digit addition

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Critical Thinking, Math

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Pros: Teaching kids different strategies for learning addition facts is an excellent way to build conceptual understanding.

Cons: Although the jungle characters and story line are engaging, playing the same game over and over may become tiresome.

Bottom Line: An excellent interactive way for kids to build a conceptual understanding of addition while having fun with silly jungle animals.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure is aligned to a handful of K–2 Common Core Math Standards, and teachers can create a classroom account with as many as 30 individual student accounts to track progress. Teachers can use the app for independent practice, challenging kids to be the first to complete each section of the El Sumado picture. They can also differentiate instruction by having kids use different addition strategies. For example, kids who need extra practice can use count all or count on, while more advanced kids can use tens or memory to complete the addition sentences. The premium subscription is ideal for teachers who want to use the game as a possible remediation tool, as it offers lessons and teaching tips to help kids master standards and meet benchmarks. 

Teachley: Addimal Adventure is a math app that helps kids learn single-digit addition using these strategies: count all, count on, doubles, tens, and memory. Kids begin by listening to a brief comic book story about a city named El Sumado that's been destroyed by the evil Professor Possum. By completing addition facts, kids earn golden blocks to help rebuild the city. After the story, kids meet some of the jungle characters, called "addimals." The addimals model how to use some of the addition strategies, including count all and count on, and how to choose the correct answer on a number line. Next, kids begin the tool round. They're given an addition sentence to complete and can choose an appropriate strategy to find the sum. After kids answer correctly, another addition sentence appears, and the process repeats for a total of seven addition sentences. If kids choose the memorization tool and get the answer correct, they earn a golden block. If they choose another strategy and get the answer correct, they earn a green block. And if kids don't get the correct answer, they get a red block. After the tool round, kids move to the speed round, where they have a total of 10 addition sentences to complete, one at a time. Kids get two chances -- along with hints, if needed -- to quickly finish each addition sentence before a golden block drops into a boiling pot and disappears forever. For each correct answer completed on the first try, kids earn a golden block. They earn green blocks for second-try answers and red blocks for incorrect answers. The golden blocks help "rebuild the city" by completing a picture of Sumado. The blocks are also saved on kids' individual accounts so teachers can keep track of which addition facts kids have memorized and which facts still need work.   

A teacher section includes details about the skills taught, Common Core standards covered, options for turning music on and off, and an opportunity to sign up for a classroom account with up to 30 individual student accounts. A premium subscription is also available and offers detailed progress reporting and suggested lessons for intervention. Progress reports highlight student progress based on straight performance with the game, as well as mastery of Common Core standards and mathematical benchmarks. Contact the developer for pricing information.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure is a fun way for kids to learn or practice single-digit addition. The strategies in the tool round help kids develop a conceptual understanding of addition that goes above and beyond straight memorization. By using addition strategies, such as counting on, while working on memorization of addition facts, kids can build a strong foundation for essential math skills.

A lot of instructions and modeling from the silly jungle addimals make the app very user-friendly. Kids can use hints in the speed round if needed, and earning golden blocks to save a city is a clever way to keep kids engaged. Instant, detailed feedback for incorrect answers and more games that teach the same addition strategies could boost the learning experience, but overall Teachley: Addimal Adventure is an excellent tool for teaching kids strategies they need to master single-digit addition.

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Kids have fun adding with help from silly jungle animals. An engaging story line encourages kids to keep playing so they can save a city that's been destroyed.


Learning is nicely scaffolded. There's a tool round for practicing various addition strategies and a speed round that encourages memorization of math facts, with hints available as needed. 


Instructions and examples of how to use the math strategies provide excellent support to help get kids started. Teachers can create classroom accounts to track student progress or purchase a subscription to access detailed reports. 

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Addition Video Game created by Teachers!

I believe that this app is a rare find. It is aligned to the Common Core, provides various ways to solve the problem, and tracks student progress. Students think they're playing a video game. They enjoy the challenge and the puzzles they face. It would help if teachers could establish multiple classes under one account and/or import/export classes so that teachers can track the student's progress over time, especially if they are below grade level in academics.

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