Addition Video Game created by Teachers!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I believe that this app is a rare find. It is aligned to the Common Core, provides various ways to solve the problem, and tracks student progress. Students think they're playing a video game. They enjoy the challenge and the puzzles they face. It would help if teachers could establish multiple classes under one account and/or import/export classes so that teachers can track the student's progress over time, especially if they are below grade level in academics.

How I Use It

I used this app with my first graders. We were at a point in the year when we were discussing 2-digit addition, however, I had a few students who still didn't master single-digit addition. Most of my students were excited about using it, but 1 student took to it more than the rest. I would let him practice adding single digits while the rest of the class practiced adding 2-digit numbers during independent practice. The app is tailored to the student so he was able to sign in under his name and I am able to monitor his progress. The program provides you with different strategies to solve the problem - mentally, doubles, finding the 10, counting, and counting on. There is also a number line at the bottom of the screen. The software provides instant feedback which helped my student develop greater understanding of how to add. The app also allows for opportunities to build fluency.