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Addition Video Game created by Teachers!

I believe that this app is a rare find. It is aligned to the Common Core, provides various ways to solve the problem, and tracks student progress. Students think they're playing a video game. They enjoy the challenge and the puzzles they face. It would help if teachers could establish multiple classes under one account and/or import/export classes so that teachers can track the student's progress over time, especially if they are below grade level in academics.
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Impressive Addition App - A Must Have!

When I first tried it, I thought this app was a simple addition app. After using it a second time for more than a few minutes, I am amazed how good this app is! It has multiple ways of solving problems (excellent scaffolding), so it caters to multiple ways of learning. Also, the 2nd round has the number line, so it's more diverse than most math fact apps. I would easily recommend this for K-1 classes. Also, it doesn't just say "-1 for getting it wrong," it has hints and it gives you steps to solve the problem (2nd try).
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