Crowdsourced Social Media, Using Hashtags to Teach

Submitted 8 years ago
Susan M.
Susan M.
Blended Learning Coach
Liberty Public School District 53
Liberty MO, US
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My Take

We love this tool. It's easy to use and works a little like magic. You type in your hashtag and seconds later, the board is filled with content you may need or want. It is important to note that it doesn't work like a scholarly research tool, but rather a curation platform for social media, collecting things such as discussions, creative projects, trends, and current events.

How I Use It

We have used Tagboard for several different purposes, one being as a platform to showcase our school. We hashtag everything we put out there on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. Our students, though not on Twitter, upload videos to YouTube. to share their learning and creativity, and we can hashtag those as well. We then create a Tagboard that lives on our website. We have found that our student work and our "learning out loud" is for anyone visiting our website, especially parents. We have also used Tagboard with our students to curate content, especially current events or ideas. Curating hashtags makes it much easier to use Twitter and other social media because it focuses the learning on specific content. It works well for discussions.