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Crowdsourced Social Media, Using Hashtags to Teach

We love this tool. It's easy to use and works a little like magic. You type in your hashtag and seconds later, the board is filled with content you may need or want. It is important to note that it doesn't work like a scholarly research tool, but rather a curation platform for social media, collecting things such as discussions, creative projects, trends, and current events.
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Excellent option to visualize social media posts

When used with appropriate social media, Tagboard is a very valuable tool to search for a variety of topics. As a stand alone tool for independent student use, there is little educational value. I could see a lot of additional uses in a Current Events class, or a 21st century literacy course. However, it is important to search carefully, as the results are pulled for everything posted on social media.
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Great for spreading PS 16 News!

Overall it has proved useful but I would like to see it move more towards the classroom teachers using it to promote student work, research and homework help. We are still in the infant stages of using tagboard but the usability seems easy enough and useful eventually for the students!
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A living bulletin board creating a truly transparent environment

I think Tagboard is invaluable. It is a free service (there is a paid upgrade but I've never found it necessary) that allows you to share the successes of your classroom with the world. More importatnly it is a concrete example for stdunets about how things posted on social media can be cureate and shared. In teaching lessons on topicx such as digital citizenship Tagboard is a great resource to put multiple posts from multiple users side-by-side, connected only be a hasthag. It is a great way to compare content, purpose, and perception. It is also a great way to discuss what happens when a hashtag is used inappropriatly nad how that might impact the intended purpose of the hashtag. To be able to see, in real-time, all the social media posts around a single hashtag is an amazing way to see the true nature of a conversation online. It is not just tweets, but the Instagrams, Vines, Google+ and Facebook posts as well as Flickr pictures. Tagboard goes beyond the service that visual tweets since Tagboard visualizes hashtags across multiple popular platforms. I am a huge fan of Tagboard and the way it can bring a concrete visual to the sometimes abstract notion of simultaneous, yet parallel online conversations. I have written a few pieces about how I've used Tagboard at two of the school I've taught in:
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Twitter in the Classroom Made Manageable

Though twitter legally can only be used with students thirteen and above, tagboard would be a great place for them to see content that they and their peers have created or responded to via twitter. I can see it being a much more engaging tool (because they love twitter) than any other place where they could read each other's responses. I will not hesitate to recommend this to teachers I encounter in training.
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An easy way to search hashtags for information.

I wouldn't necessarily use this as a regular teaching tool- because, again, you're getting information from social media sites en mass and the question becomes what to use that for. It can be interesting, and is "fun" to use now and then, but as a resource in class I have yet to really develop a plan utilizing it more than just for a demonstration or two on concepts. I could see it as more useful for people working in the social media field and advertising.
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