Excellent option to visualize social media posts

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

When used with appropriate social media, Tagboard is a very valuable tool to search for a variety of topics. As a stand alone tool for independent student use, there is little educational value. I could see a lot of additional uses in a Current Events class, or a 21st century literacy course. However, it is important to search carefully, as the results are pulled for everything posted on social media.

How I Use It

In my ELA classroom, students are encouraged to find and post pictures, quotes, or video examples of the concepts we are using in class. They post using our class hashtag and I then use Tagboard to pull the posts from the many social media platforms the students utilize. I love that they are able to use any social media platform to continue learning outside of class, and Tagboard makes it very easy to share the posts in class. I was able to quickly open Tagboard, search for my class hashtag, and then display the screen on my interactive whiteboard for students to explore as the entered the classroom.