Learn the states app style!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I would recommend this app to help support your students/child’s learning. It offers fun graphics, unique questions and a variety of ways to learn about the states. I like how students can pick how they learn whether it be using the flash card portion or by answering the questions. I let my daughter play with the program and she loved it. She laughed at the graphics and became very excited when she moved levels. Overall this is a great tool for the classroom and home.

How I Use It

Part of the state curriculum is learning about the various states and their location. This app can be used to help them do that. I would recommend using this as a reinforcement tool in the classroom. You could use this as a whole group, which is what I would do to start so they become familiar with the program before allowing them to branch out on their own. You could even create a friendly competition within the classroom as motivation and incentive to focus on the game.