I love the versatility of this app!

Submitted 4 years ago
Shellie D.
Shellie D.
Westland School
West Jordan UT, US
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This is a wonderful app that can be effective for a variety of students. Students are able to select the books they would like to read by putting them in their virtual backpack. I have used this app in a whole group setting while streaming through Apple TV. I have also used it for a center with small groups. If you have an iPad for every student, you can have every student reading a book of their choice at the same time. One of my favorite uses was with a student who had severe behavior challenges. He loved this app, and I used it for his reward time. It was motivating for him to behave and to complete the required work needed to be able to have time on this app. Experiences with each book are scaffolded, so various levels of learners can be successful. There are short videos and games that accompany each book. The free version has limited resources. The paid version is much better.

How I Use It

Individual, small group, and whole class; all variety of learners