Take a Look it's in a Book! Reading Rainbow App

Submitted 7 years ago
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Reading Rainbow is an excellent individual reading motivator however, I could also see using it as a class teaching tool for whole groups as well. It would be an excellent way to bring a story into social studies or science by projecting the story and reading it together and then going on a virtual field trip. It would be an excellent way to introduce a topic or reinforce a subject you have been teaching. Skybrary for school does require an account purchase but they do offer it free to Title I schools, it was only offered free while they were in BETA. That is the only downside I see to Reading Rainbow's Skybrary.

How I Use It

The Reading Rainbow app, called Skybrary, is loaded with exciting material to get kids interested in reading. They offer Skybrary for school and for home. It would be a wonderful tool for those students that are below grade level or non-readers to gain information from text. It also offers virtual field trips to add more information on the subject the student reads. I had several students that needed the "read to me" option and they would have enjoyed using the Reading Rainbow app. It goes a few steps further than the program I was using, BookFlix, in that it has rewards and games for each book read and virtual field trips to engage further in the content. This app also allows parents to sign in and get a reading list and the amount of time their student spent reading.