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This is a good tool to keep kids occupied to themselves while reading a book or having the app read it to them. It is kind of like a kindle with a large variety of books. However, it asks the child's interest and age, thereby pulling reading books that the child may be interested in reading. For a teacher, it has a search feature so the teacher can enter the topic and it will pull up some books. It is a good library source and makes it easier find topics to read about as opposed to looking through your physical library. The child will visit many different floating islands which has a library of common topics and it will also throw in a non-topic book that causes curiosity. It also has a video library that involves children telling the story or someone reading a book. The child is awarded a figurine to add to the world, such as a palm tree, a house, a dinosaur, etc. after reading or viewing videos. Overall this is an excellent app. I used an iPad however, I believe that it can be used on an android as well

How I Use It

I would use this product in teaching to help kindergarten students learn about books, turning pages and follow the reading. Also, I could choose books that go with a particular lesson that I am teaching for the week, for example, if we are learning about sea animals, I could look those books up and read them to the class.

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