Simple to use annotation app

Submitted 9 years ago
Summer M.
Summer M.
Technology Instructional Coach
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My Take

This app is a fun way to get kids involved in both building background and reflection. Photos can be accessed through your albums, screenshots or you can take a picture. The visual element grabs kids attention and they love seeing their thoughts added to the 'poster' that we create. I haven't had the need to use it in conjunction with Evernote. My biggest complaint about this app is that it takes awhile for it to recognize a picture that has been added to 'My Photostream.'

How I Use It

I tend to use this app to help with building background or mind-mapping before I have students begin writing, especially at the elementary level. I find that the visual helps students stay focused on topic at had. I will use a photo that relates and add a large title to it. Then as a class, I will have the kids share their thoughts and ideas. I often color-code the students responses. For example, blue=facts, orange=opinions, green=descriptive adjectives. I then will email the poster to myself. After printing it, I hang it in the room as a reference for the students.
*I have found that it works much better as a class activity than as an individual activity.