Valuable tool to assist students in choosing a science project

Submitted 9 years ago
Melissa W.
Melissa W.
Walton Farm Elementary School
Lansdale PA, US
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My Take

I found this site just in time to help my 6th graders choose their science fair projects. The kids really liked that you can take a survey to help narrow down your interests as my students are interested in so much. The site then led them to ideas for projects based on their interests. I am impressed because some (many) project ideas even list materials & possible cost. It provides the children the opportunity to brainstorm or analyze, do i need all this or can i do it different or less expensive? This site is definitely worth using.

How I Use It

I used this to assist the students that had difficulty choosing a topic for their science fair. I had children take the survey & then determine a project they found interesting. We then conferenced individually to see if they understood the question, what they would need to research & if the project needed expansion or revision. I am very particular that experiments only have one variable and have a way of being measured. Another good feature of the site is that the children can select the level of difficulty of their project. This assists in weeding out lower level projects.