Something is wrong with this picture. Students are advancing in their ability to access information at break-neck speeds, yet cannot process it effectively when they retrieve it. Overall, the juniors and seniors that I teach struggle with spelling because

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Dr. George C.
Dr. George C.
Camden High School
Camden NJ, US
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My Take

My overall take is that it is a little advanced for the high school students that I teach however it is necessary to have such a rigorous resource available because writing is a serious subject and good writing does not occur overnight-it takes work. The editing and paper analysis process of the Purdue writing service is highly defined. I am familiar with a similar service at the University of Phoenix, which has been in place for approximately 20 years and is highly recommended by PhDs and doctoral candidates. If I had to make a comparison, I would place the University of Phoenix above Purdue University's writing service.

How I Use It

This product is best used for advanced learners with college aspirations. The product focuses on superior writing and draws a clear line between the student seeking to be merely educated or WELL educated. I would use the editing and paper-checking services provided through this service to identify the students who take pride in their work and are willing to put the extra time in making the additional edits to their rough drafts that will bear fruit in the end. Many students are addicted to technology and no longer find the free time to write, which could be exhaustive. They would rather text and view others' texts.