Most up-to-date reference on style

Submitted 7 years ago
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It is the website I trust when I'm writing my own research citations pages. With two examples per most entries as well as the formula, it helps my students power through their first from scratch citation. It isn't going to make kids love writing citations, but it will give them enough information to do it correctly if they pay close attention to detail. However, you can't just direct them to the site. Teachers really have to show the students how to use the resource.

How I Use It

Many sites that include information about how to write a works cited lack the up-to-date information needed for electronic resources, but the OWL lab is the place to go for accurate info! It is a reference material, much like an MLA or APA handbook, so the engagement is low. However, many of the websites that have student plug in the information for their works cited are often lacking in part because if a student doesn't honestly know how write a citation they put in faulty information. With it being on a website, students can do a quick Ctrl +F if they are on the correct page to easily find the information they need.