Great way to bring content to life in an engaging way.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I loved using this app as much as my students did. My favorite part was that it saves to the camera roll on the iPads so the students were able to save it to their Google Drive, making accessing and sharing it very easy. Each student had an individual role and was able to complete it with little assistance from me. The app is very intuitive and allows for as much creation as students would like. Students could choose from pre-loaded characters and backdrops, or create their own. It was very apparent to me that the students understood the elements of myths by viewing their final projects and they were highly engaged the whole time.

How I Use It

This is a great tool for implementing digital storytelling in the classroom. I have used it after teaching a unit on Greek mythology as a way to assess student learning. In groups, students had to write a script including elements of myths. Then, they each created a hand-drawn puppet, took a picture of it, and uploaded it to Puppet Pals. They used the app to bring their myths to life.