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Good for presenting, but you'll need website to get really creative

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Creating Media, Presentation

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Web

Pros: The iPad and presentations work together beautifully for giving presentations.

Cons: Unlike, the app has just a handful of templates and no options for audio or video.

Bottom Line: gives students a richer creative experience, but teens can hone their speaking and presenting skills with Prezi Viewer.

The main purpose of the Prezi Viewer is viewing presentations, and the iPad's HD touch screen makes a great medium for interactive Prezi presentations. As they present, teens can zoom in on areas of the prezis, and the grid layout allows for better speaking flow than separate slides do. You can also have teens create presentations on the app, but if you can have them get started on a computer, they'll be able to do so much more creatively.

The iPad's HD touch screen makes a great medium for viewing interactive presentations on Prezi Viewer. But for creating presentations, Prezi Viewer is bare bones compared to the online computer version. While the computer version offers fabulous templates and themes for starting a presentation, the iPad version is designed for editing or viewing presentations or for creating basic presentations. On the app, there are just a handful of basic templates, and you won't find options to add music, insert video, and more. Still, if you want to create a quick presentation on the fly, it gets the job done. Work created or edited on the app syncs right away with your online account, and vice versa, so you can create a more detailed prezi with audio, video, PDFs, etc., on the computer and tweak it on the go as needed -- this is the real strength of the app.

Teens must register for account to use the service, and they need to be 13 or older. After logging in, teens can see any prezis they've created, start a new prezi, or check out a curated list of 10 "featured" prezis.


Teens using Prezi Viewer can learn to plan, create, and present engaging presentations. Speaking and presenting are skills that get better with practice, and Prezi Viewer can make the practice of presenting a bit less daunting and a bit more fun. The iPad version includes featured prezis teens can watch for ideas and inspiration, and the website includes videos and tutorials about the qualities of good presentations. Teens will get a much richer experience using the website, but they can hone their speaking and presenting skills with Prezi Viewer.

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Presenting and watching Prezis on the iPad is fun. But because the app lacks much of the functionality of the website, the experience of creating Prezis here isn't as enjoyable.


Teens can get hands-on experience with a skill they'll use throughout their lives: presenting to others. But the lack of options on the app version of Prezi is restricting.


A brief help section explains how to use the app. offers a wealth of help and ideas for creating engaging presentations.

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Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

Community Rating

Great tool for Students to present with.

I recommend it for teachers and students who are begining to integrate technology into lessons and demonstrations. This is not advanced level, but something that can springboard to new and more advanced tools.

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