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Great tool for Students to present with.

I recommend it for teachers and students who are begining to integrate technology into lessons and demonstrations. This is not advanced level, but something that can springboard to new and more advanced tools.
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Prezi a Presentation with Pizzazz

Prezi benefits are twofold, students and teachers do respond to the "pizzazz" Prezi can offer when sharing information and Prezi is a digital tool that can be used to fulfill the Common Core State Standard ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.5. I happy to report that I had no technical difficulties; I have had experience with the school network not playing nice with digital tools. I included a video I made & a video from Youtube without any glitches. I was able to transfer a PowerPoint into a Prezi but it did take some tweaking. Prezi give students the opportunity to create information in an exciting dynamic and polished presentation. It is my philosophy that school librarians need to be teaching how to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into the classroom. Prezi is terrific example of a Web 2.0 technology that support the Common Core Content Standards.
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My students love Prezi and we were excited to download the app but please be mindful that the app is not as robust as the website.

Giving the students another way to present information is great. They really come alive when they show their prezi to the class. Again the app can be very tricky to make sure each child is able to access the website at home or in a lab to add any finishing touches to their work.
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Excellent presentation tool!

The app version is very simplistic. There are more advanced features on the website version, but for a quick animated presentation in the classroom, the app is the way to go. A great alternative to the PowerPoint presentations.
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Neat way to present material.

I like this app for quick, simple illustrations. Young learners can do quite well with this and it can help them learn and reteach to other students. Advanced learners may find themselves limited in this form of presenting because it limits number of pictures and content. The computer version is much more easy to manipulate than the Ipad version, but it does get the job done. I would recommend trying a more sophisticated app for those with lengthy, more detailed projects.
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100% more engaging when presenting to students.

Prezi has saved the classroom from the standard way of presenting, both by the teachers and the students. Students seem to actually enjoy creating visual presentations with the product and seems to take less time for them to finish. Due to the way the visual presentation moves in a mapping type of process, almost like gaming, keeps the viewers engaged with the content being presented to them. Only drawback is the limited amount of templates that are available to use and you must have Internet connection to use the product.
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Create more innovative presentations, however it works much better in a desktop environment.

The Prezi app can be used as a teacher presentation tool for introducing information to students. The tool is powerful, however, it's much simpler to create Prezis on a desktop. For students, especially under 13 and for students with developing technology skills, the app can be very difficult to navigate. Advanced and older students can make dynamic projects with the tool, though. I really like the visual quality of the app-the Prezis look very sleek. However, it's difficult to add slides and customize movement on a tablet.
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An easy way to create visual presentation on the iPad, but not as functional as the website.

Prezi for iPad is an excellent way to may visual presentations very quickly. However, if you want to use get more advanced and creative with your presentation, you need to use the website.
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This is engaging for students, while stimulating various modes of learning.

This project application can be used at all levels and for many different purposes and students. I must admit, it took me a while to get the hang of it and I needed to see many examples of it in action, but there are so many resources available, this was not a problem! It can be used to introduce a simple concept creatively which is much more stimulating and attention getting than the basic slide by slide approach of Powerpoint. Yet, it can also be used in a much more complex fashion, taking a concept and expanding to much wider ideas. Most importantly, once students understand how it works, they can use it on their own to create their own learning with any topic and take off!
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Great tool for collaborating and presenting!

A great tool for summarizing/synthesizing information. It's highly engaging. What did I like? I like how intuitive it is to get started. My students are very sick of making Powerpoint Slides, and this makes the creation much more organic. For example, students can begin by "brainstorming", or putting in main ideas or details, and then move them around to organize them. I tell them it's ok to delete later, it's part of the writing process! The only thing I am not a huge fan of is how it is updated so frequently. A few times during the middle of a project, students would ask "How do I add a shape again?" How could it serve kids? This is a fun way for students to create/present content. We have many speech outcomes in our state standards, and this is a great way to meet them.
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