My students created a Powtoon Resume and loved it. Make sure you remind them not to select any "pro" items. You may not see them when you are creating it, but when you are showing it in class it really destroys your presentation.

Submitted 4 years ago
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I LOVE this tool. Mainly I love it because my students love it. I tell them that they are creating a "commercial" about themselves when they are making their resumes and they buy into it 100%. Even that student that refuses to do any work at all loves working on this. This is a great presentation tool for students in Jr/Sr High to use. The only thing I can think of that would make it better is to connect it directly to Google Classroom for grading purposes. And more FREE items to choose from :-)

How I Use It

My students made a digital resume with this tool. I gave them a rubric to follow that included items from their paper resume that needed to be included. I showed them a terrible example (nonexample) and asked them what it was lacking to get a 100 based on the rubric that I provided to them. The only part I helped them with was creating an account and showed them where the templates were. And I made sure to tell them to choose the "Create" button on the top left instead of the "edit" button. This allows for more creativity. We just signed in with our Google ID. I gave them 3 days to complete the project and we presented in class for 2 days. We talked about the positive aspects of each presentation. I made them stand up and answer questions for the presentation part. I would definitely do presentations. They work much harder if they know their peers will be watching it. Be really careful about the paid items. I told them that they would have to redo the whole presentation if any "pro" words popped up. This kept them from choosing the paid items and made them more aware of marketing ploys.