Powtoon Pops!

Submitted 4 years ago
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I found that this application had a lot of versatility. For one, it gave the user options with multiple basic templates and free images for general usage. Having learned from past experiences, I was keeping an eye out for anything that said "pro" in the corner but was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of free-use images, scene templates, and shapes. They even had different themes that could be tailored to the kind of presentation you want to give based to your target audience may be (such as cartoon, infographic, modern, etc.). Each style came with its own selection of cartoon characters. These cartoons had several kinds of expressions and animations depending on different actions you can choose for them (ie. happy, angry, thinking, typing, idea). I found that this gave me options and that I could even tell a kind of visual story to relate the ideas of the presentation; they didn't feel static or limited in emotion, but just as versatile as the rest of the application.

One of the few downsides, I found, however, was that Powtoon to be considerably slower than I would have liked. At first, I thought that it could be a problem on my side, but I was using my work computer (which runs very well on various kinds of software) and I had a strong connection and haven't had problems with similar apps and online resources (such as slideshow or WeVideo). At times during editing, the lag became annoying. While it was a minor (and intermittent) hurdle, it became noticeable that the cursor did not move in unison with my mouse and at the worst of it, I had to take care to put the images and text boxes in the right place on the slide without messing up the carefully arranged images. This was my biggest and probably my only gripe with Powtoon.

If I were given some time to think, I could probably nitpick at it but overall, it's useful and fulfills its purpose. Powtoon's biggest strength was what drew me to it in the first place: the color. This APP looks really good, and that's a concern whenever you're doing a presentation. It could potentially be easy to go overboard with Powtoon, but you can't discount the power of panache. Boring isn't memorable; bold is.

How I Use It

I found it best to keep it simple when exploring new territory and so I chose to make a short presentation where I compared the scholar and the athlete and explained how their methods and training are more similar than some people may think. In the end, I think my presentation turned out pretty well and outlined that practice and effort are required to succeed at anything mental or physical through simple and color-coded steps.