Great for Vocabulary Reinforcement

Submitted 7 years ago
Ali B.
Ali B.
Meridian Elementary School
Daykin NE, US
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Ultimately, it forced students to think of their new vocabulary words visually, which further added to the depth of their understanding. Other than not being able to directly pull photos from the internet, I had no issues with the app. It was easy for the students to navigate with only minimal modeling from myself. It easy to email the collage and print it off so that students can view it all week long. There are also other options available when it comes to sharing and saving. At least one of the options should work for you.

How I Use It

I used the app in my 4th grade classroom to reinforce reading vocabulary words. They accessed the app from an iPad. After learning their vocab words for the week, they worked in a small group to make a pic collage demonstrating the meaning of the words through pictures. You can access the web straight from the app to grab pictures from the internet. Occasionally, the app wouldn't fully load this feature. I taught students to go directly to the internet and save photos to the camera roll. They could then upload photos from the camera roll to pic collage. Students had to think critically in order to select a picture that accurately depicted the specific definition of the word we were using. The app also allows for students to take pictures themselves and then use them in the collage. This is a good alternative to searching the web if you are concerned with students finding inappropriate images. After they created a pic collage, I printed it out and posted it in the room for the week. After that, you can cut apart the pictures and use them for review purposes.

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